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The Maserati spot - The greatest Road - Was launched by Ecuadorian production company  Grupo Taita in collaboration  with EL Viaje Films. El Viaje Film's founder and director Santiago Paladines wrote and directed the spot. Johana Paladines, general producer at EL Viaje Films, served as main producer for  the spot as well. 

Bajo El Agua / Beneath the Water  / Short Film

Bajo El Agua / The horror film shot in Quito Ecuado, reunited  the American Film Institute Conservatory  fellows: written and directed by Santiago Paladines / Shot by DP Anton Fresco and produced by Sebastían Arechavala.  The short has entered post production . Its release will be announced soon. 


Director Santiago Paladines with DP Andrea Gonzales Mereles traveled around the Ecuadorian Andes searching for amazing characters and stories. The journey ended up in 5 short documentary stories about people who make unbelievable things in the remote high lands of the Andes. The project is currently going through the last stages of post production .

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